Photobook Albums; Hardbacked, Paperbacked and spanking new Business Cards

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Exciting times...

I now have hardback PhotoBook Albums with shots from last year's weddings to show you as examples, as well as both hardback and paperback PhotoBook Albums for the PhotoBooth - A Visual Guestbook. More of that in just a little while because, on top of this, I've now received my spanking new Business Cards! Now while this may not sound exciting to (most of) you, those of you who have been with me a while, will know that at the start of 2013, my branding had a bit of a makeover from the mainly illustration based black and cream design, to the lighter and more photographic-friendly typeface and style you see today.

My new Business Cards are a little portfolio-in-my-pocket.... they are a range of 25 different shots of mine, made to look like Polaroid Photographs with my details on the back. Anyway, excited or not, I've added a picture at the bottom of this post to show you what I mean.

Right. The PhotoBook Albums.

As you can see below, these examples include; the standard PhotoBook Album - 30cm x 30cm bespoke designed hardback PhotoBook Album, printed on 300gsm (really thick) high quality Gloss paper with layflat binding that forms part of the standard Wedding Packages; the hardback PhotoBooth PhotoBook Album - 28cm x 21cm bespoke designed and printed on high quality 300gsm Lustre photographic paper with layflat binding; and the paperbacked PhotoBooth PhotoBook Album - 28cm x 21cm bespoke designed and printed on 200gsm classic photographic paper with perfect binding.

First of all, the 30cm x 30cm Photobook Album.

30cm x 30cm, hardback, wedding photobook album Showing off the Layflat design.

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As you can see, the Layflat design works really well, meaning one double page (60cm x 30cm) can show off a really large photograph, or can be just as easily split for effect into square images or multiple smaller images.

The PhotoBooth - A Visual Guestbook PhotoBook Albums are just as versatile, but I offer these in paperback as well, at a lower price point.

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And last - but not least, a quick shot of my new Business Cards!

I told you it was exciting.....

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