Weddings: Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Are your prices fixed?

  2. Do you travel outside of Southern England and London?

  3. Who will actually take my wedding photographs - will it be you?

  4. Are all the photographs on this site yours?

  5. How many photographs do you usually take at an average wedding?

  6. Can we have copies of ALL the photographs you take?

  7. How do we get access to these photographs?

  8. What company do you use for our Photo Album/Photo Book creation?

  9. What company do you use for your Print Processing?

  10. You say Photo Book. What do you mean?

  11. How do we book you?

  12. Are there likely to be any additional charges on top of the quoted price?

  13. What time do you start shooting on a wedding day?

  14. How soon will we be able to see our photographs?

  15. Can we order extra Photo Books, smaller Photo Books, prints and other framed products for ourselves or to give as presents?



  1. I have a standard fixed price list for every wedding package, which makes up part of your quote documentation and contract terms and conditions at the point of ordering. This ensures that all costs to you are transparent and clear from the outset. This ensures consistent customer service across the board. All pricing can be discussed and individually tailored to your package needs.

  2. Yes. I’m happy to travel anywhere in the world to shoot your wedding. Additional reasonable costs related to travel are documented in the price list and are agreed before any contract is entered into.

  3. Yes. It will be me from the exciting beginnings of your journey when we make the arrangements, right through to the very end when its all over and you’re sat at home looking at your lovely images. On occasion I may also have a 'Second Shooter' as well, to take additional supporting images or act as an assistant.

  4. Yes. All mine. The photographs on this site are an accurate representation of the type and style of photographs you can expect me to take at your wedding.

  5. I will take as many photographs as opportunities present themselves to me. We will work through beforehand any specific events you want me to shoot, but the rest depends on the weather, events throughout the day, the location and the size and length of your wedding. For example, at an average ‘typical’ full day wedding, I may take and present to you around 350 shots or more. As well as online galleries of all your images, I will create for you a curated online album - which is 30 of your total photographs - as well as giving you all the professionally edited photographs in digital format. My 2020 packages include printed copies of these 30 curated pictures too.

  6. All photographs I present to you will have been professionally and individually edited by me. You will get copies of all of these pictures. Some will obviously be preferred more than others and these are the ones that will make up your curated online album that I initially curate, which you can then change to any that you wish. I will also present to you all the edited photographs in digital format.

  7. You will receive on a presentation USB set, High Quality digital versions of all edited images with a licence to print for yourselves as well as a second full set, optimised for social media. Both of these sets - as well as the curated gallery - will also be available in password protected galleries on this site for you, your family and your friends to view - depending on who you share the password with, and if you want this feature enabled - can download or buy prints directly from too. 

  8. I use the beautiful and sumptuous FOLIO Albums.

  9. Depending on the type of prints or wall art required, I use one of two professional print labs either Loxley Colour or The Print Space.

  10. I believe the best way to present your wedding story is in a book. I use excellent quality printed photo books - where the photographs are printed onto the pages, rather than a traditional loose leaf album with prints stuck in. See the video on the Albums page for more detail.

  11. You can use the Contact page directly from this site, or email me directly at [email protected] - then we will have a chat and take it from there.

  12. No. Your quote is specific, detailed and very clear as to what it covers and this forms part of your contract paperwork so that you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

  13. This will depend on how your wedding day works logistically, but for a typical full wedding day where the preparations are at or near the wedding venue, I suggest I start shooting 2-3 hours before the ceremony start time as a minimum.

  14. I usually aim to have a small sneak peak online gallery available for you within 24 to 48 hours of your wedding. This will only be a few shots so that you've got something lovely to look at straight away. I will usually have digital versions of your curated gallery available to view online within 2 to 3 weeks of your wedding. This may take a little longer in the summer. Times for the rest of your shots to be ready to be presented to you complete will usually be around 4 weeks. 

  15. Yes. I have a full range of printed products available - you can order as many additional ones as you want.